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Vol. 2: Dhurva Yoga Sequence Book


dhurva yoga vol 2
dhurva yoga vol 2 dhurva yoga vol 2 dhurva yoga vol 2

Dhurva Yoga is new addition to the universe of yoga styles which is built around the use of a novel prop - the Yogistick. In the first volume of this series, founder Dominic Mineo catalogued the poses in the Dhurva toolbox.

This second volume takes things a step further, explaining how the poses are interrelated and used together to optimize a Yogi's practice. To start, the author provides some background material, briefly setting out the historical development and philosophical underpinnings of this unique style of yoga. Next, the volume turns to the actual implementation of these ideas. Specifically, Mineo builds upon the individual poses described in Volume I to address the way in which those poses relate to one another. He provides a set of carefully thought out guidelines, building upon both theory and experience, by which the individual poses are mixed and matched to create a complete practice session.

Finally, the book presents a full library of empirically validated short sequences - the so-called pillars of Dhurva Yoga - which comprise the functional building blocks for a class or individual work out. Equally valuable for the Dhurva instructor and student, this volume is an essential addition to the library of all Dhurva practitioners.