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Dhurva Yoga® is a yoga fitness program that combines elements of balance, flexibility, core strength and patience combined with other aerobic movements. If you love Yoga, have an upbeat attitude and want to help others feel great, then you’re a candidate for Dhurva® instruction!

Because Dhurva is a trademarked yoga exercise program, you will have to be licensed through the Dhurva Academy.

Complete the Dhurva Yoga Instructor Training Course. This course is a combination of lectures and practical training to give you the skills you will need to teach Dhurva. Once you have completed the training course, you will be granted a one-year license to teach Dhurva. This license will have to be renewed over time if you want to continue teaching.

Keep your Dhurva® Teacher License current. Licenses to teach Dhurva Yoga® last for one year, and should be promptly renewed upon expiration if you want to continue teaching. There are 2 options for this payment:

*1. 12 monthly payments of $14.99 = $179.88 / year
*2. 1 yearly payment of $164.99 = 1 month free

Practice Dhurva. Before you can teach Dhurva, you will have to first master the style and choreography of the fitness program. If you haven’t already, enroll in a Dhurva class and attend at least 3-5 days per week.
You must be in excellent physical condition to teach this or any other exercise class.
Take Dhurva classes at different studios and with different instructors. This will help you pick up on the various techniques, and choose what kind of teacher you want to be. Pay attention to which classes seem to attract the biggest group of students, and notice unique elements (overall energy) that that particular instructor brings to the table.

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